Kolompe | The Persian Date Pastry

Kolompeh is one of the most famous pastries that you can make at home. This recipe ensures a tasty Persian cookie originally from Kerman that Iranians prepare for Nowruz.

In the past native Kermanis used to make this sweet with date palms and homemade oil in fire wood flames! Nowadays it is basically produced in pastry shops and cooked in the oven. Still tasteful and welcomed by Kermanis and tourists.

The well-known pastry has various recipes and tastes such as walnut kolompe, sesame kolompe, pistachio kolompe and Loghme kolompe.

Because of its nutritious ingredients, it is a healthy and beneficial snack. So if you want a gift, or simply an afternoon treat to enjoy with a cuppa, Kolompe will definitely work for you. Remember not to eat much, as it is a rather heating food.

If you want to make it traditionally, follow the instructions we provided. Although it is much easier to buy this sweet from pastry shops, the homemade of has a wonderful and memorable taste.

Date Walnuts Pie / Komach Sehen

Traditional date walnuts pie originated in the providence of Kerman, Iran. The pie is made with home-grown organic sprouted wheat flour, it is wonderfully spiced with our signature special blend, and it is lightly sweetened with dates, there is NO added sugar.